work 1 To 2 hrs Daily.

We provide real scam-free work from home jobs that will allow you to make the money you have always dreamed of –doing simple job tasks we will train you to do, all from the comfort of your own home.This is real work and not some get –rich –quick scheme.we provide you with the best data entry work at home.we specialize in data can get better income through this data entry jobs.The more time you have to commit, the more money you can make through our work-from-home-data entry program.

We are providing an outsourcing project for MNC and hence we need lot of online workers for form filling sector for our company. We cannot provide a work place for those in our campus and we decided to go online. We are ready to hire sincere and honest people for doing our online form filling jobs. We are providing an excellent opportunity for form filling project. It is a very simple work for all as you have to copy the matters provided by the companies and post them to different forms. You can work any time and from anywhere. You can fill as many forms as you can. We also guide you how you can fill form easily.

work part-time as per your convenience from home, cyber café, office or anywhere, you will be your own boss & you can easily do this work at your own time..

Get Paid To Fill Data Forms(copy &paste). This work can be done from any location in India.


Numerous companies are looking for part time workers to submit information into online forms and they will pay you nicely in return.We will give you access to companies websites, simply follow the instructions and start work . It's that simple and anyone can join. We will send WORK DEMO download link WITH membership package. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme But a legitimate way to earn money from home/cyber cafe. You don't need any prior experience to work online entering data. Access to the internet is all you can earn up to Rs:15,000- 30,000 per month through Data Entry jobs from home / cyber cafe.

The Main work about Data Entry Jobs is to Enter Data in the Given format by the Companies.


It should normally take 30 seconds to one minute to fill up one form and on an average you can fill up to 40-50 forms in an hour .Earn Rs 3/- per form you submit,that means you can very much earn at least Rs 500-1,000 every day. we do not need any accuracy because data you get are only of 4,6 ,8 lines which you can simply copy and paste. There are no chances of you making any mistake. The job is so simple .

This job is pure copy paste job and has got no connection with selling and marketing. earn Rs 3/- per form you submit. There are no target or deadline for this job. You can fill up 10 forms or 500 forms in a day. EARN RS.3/- PER EACH FORM FILLING.

EARN 100 FORMS X 3/- =RS.300/-

EARN 200 FORMS X 3/-=RS.600

EARN 500 FORMS X 3/- =1500/-

Projects available on a regular basis, Sunday to Saturday. You will be given 500 forms in each file. complete it, submit it. You will get new files immediately .No target, No time limit. Thousands of Data Entry, Processing Jobs Available Today!

How soon can I start work?

The membership package will contain your account login details (User name and password), that will enable you to access your member’s area after which you can start working.

The moment you receive your package with login details, you can log in and start working on the projects. You can access your member’s area and check out the jobs offered at hand and how much each one pays. You can choose the job you like to take up and receive payment on completion.

You will be paid for each and every successful copy paste work. So don't miss this job

Join today and find out just how great it is to be your own boss, working your own hours, from your own home.

Member's Area: In our Member's area, recruiters are keep posting various types of jobs. Hurry up, You can choose your own interesting jobs from the lists from our Members area and start earning!!! We will provide step by step instructions through our online web portal and link have been provided there itself.

Is it easy to fill these Data entry online forms.......?

yes,it is really very easy to fil these online forms.It will hardly take 30-60 seconds to fill one form.You have to just copy and paste the data in to the form and after filling the data click on the submitt button given under the form.

"No Targets" and "Work In your own Time and get Paid!!!

MONTHLY PAYMENT-(5th of every month)Payment will be on a monthly basis via DD/ Bank cheque. DD of your payment will be couriered to your postal address.

Login to your account to access the online forms. Enter The given Data in Given format by the Companies. Hit the submit button and start earning from this Genuine WORK FROM HOME JOB in Internet.

How will I know whether my job has been accepted or not?

Once you click the submit button, you will receive a confirmation message for your job submission. The submitted job will be approved within 4 – 8 working hours (not taking into account weekends and holidays).

You do not need any special computer or software skills or any previous experience in data entry work. All you need to do this job is a computer with internet connection.

How much money can I make?

You can earn a substantial income every month by working for several hours a day. How much you earn and how quickly you earn is entirely based on the number of projects you complete in a short duration.

You may want to work a couple of hours each day, or put in 8 hours every day, it is entirely up to you. Whether you earn Rs.15,000, or Rs.30,000 a month is totally proportional to the number of jobs you can complete in a month.


Cash On Delivery(COD)

To enroll yourself in this project.kindly provide your below details :-

scan copy of Aadhar card OR Scan copy of voter id & mobile number OR (If you don’t have Aadhar card or voter id send Name-&Full Postal Address-&Contact number-) to we will call you to confirm the order.Once you confirm the order,we will send membership package containing your account details(User name and password), your appointment letter, full job details, sample work, and WORK DEMO download link to your address, through courier or postal service.

The membership package will be sent you via vpp .i.e( Cash On Delivery). Hence the amount of Rs. 499/-+25/- vpmo charges/-total Rs.524/- is to be paid to the postman and take membership package delivery from him. The postman who will come will be from Indian Post who will transfer the money securely to us, therefore, you need not to worry about it. If you book today, then you will receive the welcome kit in 3 to 7 days (Business Days).

Package will contain your account username & password. You can start Earning once if you receive package at your Home. Job guide & instructions will be provided in that package.


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As you know we are looking for at least 200 data entry part time workers urgent So this job kit free to our members with membership package


If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us at